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Routing and Switching

 networking, notes

In part 1 of my recaps, I touched up on core foundations for CCNA 1, to clear up misconceptions new readers may face.  This section however, is probably the harshest

Introduction to Networks

 networking, notes

Learning about networks can feel like a frustrating and daunting task, so I wrote a condensed version of my notes that covers some ground over what transpires across the wire.

Strange pirate cows in Space

What got you into computers and tech? The short answer is myself.  As a child I enjoyed tinkering with things, writing on a typewriter, disemboweling electronics, listening to my father's

Cisco IOS Cheat Sheet

Please right click and open the image in a new tab, to view the full size.

My Amazing Road to Defcon

WISP (Women in Security & Privacy) is a program that helps to advance women’s roles in IT through networking, mentorship, and education. It promotes various initiatives to help inspire