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A Little Wireless Wackiness

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In my other posts, I covered some ground on the types of material covered by the CCNA to give readers clarification on topics that may come off as confusing. Wireless

Connecting Networks

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Learning about networks can be frustrating, so I condensed a bunch of topics covered in the CCNA to help summarize what may confuse new learners.  In this last post, I

ICMP Cheat Sheet

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Network Scaling

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In part 1 and part 2 of my CCNA recaps, I tried to cover a few important concepts in the course of material learned that will help solidify things that

A Phone Story

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Many of us remember playing telephone and learning about attaching cans to a string and speaking through them as kids. That's what's known as the lover's phone and was created sometime in the 16th century by a guy named Robert Hooke. The next 200 years..